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Saint Valentine and Same Sex Marriage

Saint Valentine and Same Sex Marriage

This is one of the many legends about Saint Valentine.

Valentine was a third century Christian Priest. At that time the ancient Rome Empire was involved in many wars. In fact there were so many battles that the army was running out of soldiers. The Roman Emperor Claudius II had a plan to get more men to enlist in the army. His plan was to ban people from marrying.

The Priest Valentine disagreed. Valentine thought this law banning marriage was so wrong. Valentine thought that people should be free to marry the one that they love, regardless of what the Emperor decreed. Valentine defied the Emperor and continued to perform marriage ceremonies. For conducting these weddings Valentine was arrested and executed.

Fast forward now to the 21st century. A growing number of today’s church leaders are following in the spirit of Saint Valentine. These leaders are supporting the rights of gay and lesbian couples to be married. They are saying that everyone should be free to marry the one that they love. This is despite the ambivalence of Emperor Julia Gillard, sorry, I mean Prime Minister Gillard on the matter or the opposition of a well-known Abbott.

More and more Priests, Pastors and Reverends are saying “I do” support the Marriage Equality Act. One courageous example is Pastor Matt Glover from Victoria. Recently Pastor Glover publicly declared his support for same sex marriage. The uproar over Glover’s support for same sex marriage means that he will probably leave the church that he pastors. In my opinion Pastor Glover is a real “saint” for speaking up for gay and lesbian rights. The good news is that support for same sex marriage is growing in many churches.

All the best for those who are thinking of popping the question to their special someone this V day. I hope that same sex couples will soon have the same rights as straight couples and be allowed to marry under Australian law. To the Marriage Equality Act I say: “I do”.

Happy Valentines Day everyone.


-Theo Logian

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